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The Switch: Life. Love. Mortal Danger.

If you live in Canada, you likely have access to this:

I envy you! I'm going to have to wait 'til it comes out on iTunes. :(

More Awards!

Two more of my stories have won Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards, and I am very, very proud!

There's a Hole in the Fabric of My Reality and Start Me Up.

At this rate I'm going to run out of stories to be nominated. 

Birthday Wishes to...


Hope you have a great one. 

Update on Green Grass of Home

I just found out that Green Grass of Home has won the Supernatural Fanfiction Monthly Award for Novel/SC (Secondary Character).

This makes me happy! =D

If you want to read my award winning story (grin) you can find it here on ff.net or here on AO3.

Music Meme...

Take the letters of your username and find songs that start with that letter.

Snagged from various flisties.

E.S.T. - White Lies
Time Won't Let Me Go - The Bravery
Rudie Can't Fail - The Clash
It's Not Right - Devo
X&Y - Cold Play

Because it's a better procrastination than Freecell

Creative Blahs and Avoidance Techniques

Recently my creativity has been unhappy with my work hours (or maybe just my completely icky work), and writing on the bus isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Reading on the bus, however, is just as satisfying as it ever was.

I’ve been on a Captain America kick (with forays into the general MCU). Light on angst and Stucky (sorry, shippers), and high on humour and happy endings (or no endings at all in a couple cases). Here, only loosely organized, are the ones I’ve liked the most.

So this represents some but not all of what I’ve been reading (rereading in some cases) and enjoying. If you check any of them out, I hope you enjoy them, too....Collapse )

Bday Wishes

To my LJ pals garinarayne and sophiap. I hope you each enjoyed the day in the way you wanted.
Summary: When Sheriff Stilinski stopped Allison, she said “I’m not like this” meaning she wasn’t a crybaby. What if it meant something different? What if she didn’t buy Kate’s justifications, and told the sheriff that Derek Hale was being tortured in the basement of his old house?

Disclaimer: I make no claims on the characters, and make no money from this work (unfortunately). This story was written for fun and should be read the same way. If you want to share this story, please link to it back here. If you find it on any site other than AO3 or fanfiction.net, please let me know.


Chapter 7:  Thrones Are for Lesser Beings

Allison defends her convictions. The sheriff asserts his authority.

[ on AO3 ] or [ on ff.net ]
Nearly done with this story, although a couple plot bunnies are bouncing around my brain.

As a boost to my writing brain, I received back reader's comments for a couple of my scripts (I submitted to the Austin Film Festival and posted a script on The Blacklist). They were positive, and both mentioned my character building specifically. I am now feeling the warm fuzzies...


Chapter 6:  The Wheel of Fate has Rusty Cogs

Not everybody wants to meet Peter. Peter doesn't care.

[ on AO3 ] or [ on ff.net ]
Chapter 5:  Courtesy is a Veneer on Everyday Survival

The sheriff talks to Chris, Chris talks to his sister, and Stiles makes labels because it's better than breaking into crime scenes. And Peter can smell his enemies.

[ on AO3 ] or [ on ff.net ]

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