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End of my paid account

I don't post much here anymore, but I have so many good memories of being on Livejournal. Once I started posting, it didn't take me long to set up my fic community etrixiswriting. I was directing everyone to comment there and keeping my journal for other things. However, now that I've stopped paying for an account here, I'm not sure if my posts there will be maintained for very long after the renewal date, and Dreamwidth doesn't import from communities. :(

So, I'm saving each entry as an HTML file, (which I may or may not try to import to Dreamwidth) but what's really striking me is how much things have changed since I first posted here.

I like AO3; I like how you can download stories in so many formats to read at your leisure, but it doesn't have the same sense of community that LJ (or even brought to fandom. By reading offline, it takes the pressure off the reader to comment on what they've just read. I used to get (and give) comments pointing out typos which the author would fix before replying. Whole conversations taking place with minimal delay.

I don't do this on AO3.

I don't see anyone doing this on AO3.

In fact I often don't comment on stories there at all, (as I have to click a link to take me back to the site, and then I often have to log in because I've been booted at some point, and then do I comment on the first chapter (perhaps with spoilers) or navigate to the last chapter and post there) as it's just as easy to press the Kudo button and leave it at that.

I think I will start reading online again. Maybe that will encourage me to be a better reader (and comment when I enjoy something). I have a decent data plan, as long as I don't go out of the country...
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