Etrix (etrix) wrote,

Why Am I Writing This Scene?

Why is this Scene Here?
What does it Accomplish?
What do the Characters Want?
What is the Conflict?
Where is the Subtext?
Do They Talk Too Much?
What Can Be Shown?

So these are questions that I learned in my scriptwriting class. Chapter interrogation, it's called, and it's a good way to cut down on all the extraneous crap that can clutter a good story.

Sometimes, though, it can be intimidating to keep all these things in your head when you're writing. All the "rules" for being sleek, fast-paced, character-driven stories... When the words aren't coming easy to begin with, these are actually bad things to have in your head. I suppose if writing were easier, everyone would do it.

Oh wait...
Tags: whining, writing for reelz
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