Etrix (etrix) wrote,

Fic Rating System

My rating system is based on the one used by the Motion Picture Association of America (they have fewer than in Canada) but the descriptions are all mine. If you think I have given a story an incorrect rating, tell me why in a PM and I'll consider it. I'll also let you know what I decide and why.

GGeneral: Contains no swear words, scary situations, violence or sexual content.

PGParental Guidance: May contain mild swear words and scary situations but no violence or sexual content. Contains few to no difficult or disturbing issues.

PG-13Parental Guidance; not recommended for anyone under the age of 13: Contains swear words and scary situations. May also contain violence or sexual content. May address difficult or disturbing issues in a light-hearted manner.

RRestricted: Contains explicit language or extremely scary situations. Probably contains violence or sexual content. May address difficult and disturbing issues in a serious manner.

NC-17No Children; age 17 and up only: Contains explicit language or sexual content, terrifying situations, and extreme or graphic violence. May address difficult issues in a serious or disturbing manner.

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