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Master Fiction List

I'm always open to comments and suggestions on ways to improve my stories and my writing. From letting me know about typos and formatting errors, to pointing out plot holes and canonical errors, I say "Bring it."

Note: All the main links go to my AO3 site, but except for my original and script work, they are also available on

Doctrine of Labyrinths

In The Garden (crossover with Supernatural)

Final Fantasy VII

Blood Makes Noise
     1. Cloud
     2. Tifa
Falling Up:
     1. Falling Up
     2. Forgotten
     3. Remembered
Mad World
Making It Work | Warrantee Service
Pleasure, Little Treasure
A Waste of Time

Junjō Romantica

After Midnight

Original Fiction, Adaptations and Scripts
Note: All of these works are only on Archive of Our Own, as doesn't allow either original fiction or works in script format.

Burning Chrome (script/adaption)
Dinner in the Crematorium (script)
Slip Sideways (script)
Weird Law (script)

RPF (real person fiction)

Dignity of Dragons


Brother Mine
Choices, Choices Choices
Colours of the Rainbow
Crazy Train
Destinies & Other Choices:
     1. Transcendency & Other Misdemeanors
     2. Truthiness & Other Virtues
     3. Victories & Other Disappointments
     4. Heroism & Other Stupidities
Finders, Keepers
Ghosts of Future Past
Green Grass of Home
An Honest Mistake
In The Garden (crossover with Doctrine of Labyrinths)
Infinite White
It Tolls for Dean
Dust Storm:
     1. Start Me Up
     2. New World Man
Persons of Interest
Soul Wars: A h/c fanmix
Step into the Ring
There's a Hole in the Fabric of My Reality
Third Wheel: an alternate ending to season 5
Whiter Shade of Pale

Teen Wolf

How to Survive a Fire Without Really Dying
I'm Not Like This:
     1. Look Inside Your Mind
     2. Like A Rock


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