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Benefits of Unemployment...

Unfortunately, it's not finishing my novel. I have a hard time writing when I'm worried about covering the rent. =(

No, it's the ability to watch whatever I like on the internet. I am currently working through socio-political and philosophical videos, which have confirmed that I am not a believer in religion. I am not opposed to people believing what they believe, as long as their religious beliefs do not compel them to harm anyone or to limit the rights of others to live and believe however they choose.

I'm okay with being called an atheist, although I think secular is a better description.

Many people think not believing in a god or belonging to a religion means being actively opposed to religion, which I’m not. I just don’t think there should be a place for religion in public life (“public” meaning “government”). In the 80s they changed our national anthem so it says "God keep our land glorious and free". It irritated me then and it irritates me now, because it’s not up to god to keep Canada anything. It’s up to me, as a citizen of Canada, to speak out and fight to maintain a country I can be proud of.

The same is true of other countries where religious people have insinuated their beliefs into politics. There’s a meme going around:  “I don’t want a Christian president. I want an atheist president who understands the value of science, realizes this is the only earth we have … and realizes that if we press the nuke button, there’s no heaven to go to.” This is how suicide bombers justify their acts of terrorism—they’ll be rewarded in the afterlife.

I don't think I need to believe in order to be a "good person", and to have a moral compass guiding the decisions I make every day. In fact, if people need "the reward of heaven" dangling over their heads like a tasty chocolate in order to act like a decent person then maybe it IS just an act, and therefore, not to be trusted.

I sometimes think that decent people will be decent no matter what. And I also believe the opposite is true: horrible people will be horrible. After all, the threat of hell didn’t/doesn’t stop male priests committing acts of gay pedophilia. (Although, sadly, it is the fact of it being a homosexual act that condemns them, rather that the underage rape aspect.)

I suppose some people who have sociopathic tendencies might need simple guidelines to stop them from doing awful things, but religion can also allow them to deny responsibility for their actions. The person who, in the name of Pro-Life, shot doctors and nurses working at a women’s health clinic, was Christian. "God demands that I fight abortion." No, it doesn't. All your god demands is that YOU don't have an abortion. The actions of strangers have (or should have) no effect on your ability to access your perfect afterlife.

As a final thought, if I do have a life after this one, I believe it will be more because nature doesn't waste anything, and energy/matter doesn't actually disappear, NOT because I believed in a god or entity, or some other benevolent spirit.

This was all a rambling precursor to recommending the latest video I watched in an effort to occupy my time. It's called "A Brief History of Atheism" and it's about 3 hrs long. Lots of things to think about here, and more areas to explore...

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