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Fic: Teen Wolf: Look Inside Your Mind - Chapter 3

Story Summary: When Sheriff Stilinski stopped Allison, she said “I’m not like this” meaning she wasn’t a crybaby. What if it meant something different? What if she didn’t buy Kate’s justifications, and told the sheriff that Derek Hale was being tortured in the basement of his old house?

Characters: Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent, Chris Argent, Victoria Argent, Kate Argent, Deputy Tara Graeme, Deputy Haigh, Derek Hale, Peter Hale, Scott McCall, OCs
Pairings: None

Disclaimer: I make no claims on the characters, and make no money from this work (unfortunately). This story was written for fun and should be read the same way. If you want to share this story, please link to it back here. If you find it on any site other than AO3 or, please let me know.
Word Count: 18,000

Rating: PG-13
Content: AU/AR (deviates from canon); references to torture; spoilers for up to 1.11 (Formality). violence; werewolves are revealed; character death; BAMF Sheriff Stilinski;


Chapter 3:  False Notes Ring as True to the Tone Deaf

Allison discovers that her family is weird (and rather scary), and work place gossip may change the future.

[ on AO3 ] or [ on ]
Tags: series:look inside your mind, tw, tw:fanfic
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