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Austin Film Festival, I almost knew ye

So my TV pilot script didn't make it to the next level at the Austin Film Festival.

With over 8000 entrants, and having submitted "genre fiction", I'll try not to feel bummed by that, but damn! It would've been cool. (And a nice bump when I'm feeling draggy and low.)

Now I just have to wait for my "notes" (trans. "beta") to come back to see where I need to improve...

Whatever. I have another Teen Wolf fan fic nearly ready to post. I'm thinking of another pilot/short story I can write. I have food to eat and my kids are healthy. I have many things to be grateful for, even if the days are getting shorter and I'm now getting ready for work in the dark. I like sunshine. I want the sunshine back. =(
Tags: rl, writing for reelz
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