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Teen Wolf Reverse Bang Fic

I've been feeling kind of pressured with my original stuff (Finish It! FINISH IT! FINISH IT!) so I decided to sign up as a pinch hitter (5000 word min = easy).  When I got the nod, I spent a couple days thinking about it, and this is the result:

Fic Title: How To Survive a Fire without Really Dying (on AO3 / on )
Characters/Pairings: Jordan Parrish. Cameos by most of the pack, Derek Hale, and a couple original characters. / No pairings (although Jordan wouldn't be adverse to some slash-action with Derek).
Rating: T
Word Count: 7700
Warnings: mild violence in flashbacks; canon-compliant, non-permanent character death.

Summary: They say the first time you do anything new is the hardest. For Parrish, the first time wasn't hard. After all, how hard was it to sit, hand-cuffed to the steering wheel, while a co-worker poured gasoline over you and then lit it?

(or How Parrish Learned to Stop Worrying and Love His Flames)
Tags: bang challenge, series:how to survive a fire, tw, tw:fanfic
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