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The Switch: A Fantastic Transgender Sitcom

I've been hired as production accountant for The Switch, which is written, produced and stars fellow Langara graduate Amy Fox. It's taken Amy 2 years to bring this story to life, but she finally got network funding from Out TV so they're now neck-deep in production. 5 weeks of filming, then post-production--broadcast is scheduled for September.

My friend Ingo got me involved, as is usual for most of my production experience. For some reason, he translated my invoicing job as accounting experience. It isn't. My experience of accounting is balancing my cheque book. (At least, I remember doing it manually so that helps!)

However, as is also normal when working with Ingo, I'm doing it anyways because... well. Why not?

Considering that I dropped every math course I could in high school, and I've avoided Excel and all things requiring formulas since... I just keep reminding myself that numbers are just a type of information, and I know how to organize information. So I've dived into Excel support sites, and bothered friends who have knowledge of the program, and I've created spreadsheets to track budget vs expenditures, and cash remaining, and all the other reports that might be helpful to the producers (and wanted by the network when we turn over the books).

I'm kind of proud of them, actually.   =]
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