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The Wounded is one step closer...

Thanks to anyone who helped moved it up to the next level, The Wounded is now in the Top 30!

For those who didn't read my previous posts, this contest will provide one project with a million dollars to make their movie (a million's a decent budget up here in Canada), and a guaranteed theatrical release. I rewrote the script at the request of the director, Matt Campbell, on spec, so no money, no credit... yet. If The Wounded wins this contest, I'll get both.

There's only 7 days to the next voting stage, so I'm asking you all to sign on to Cinecoup, watch the challenge, review, comment and share for the next 6 days and then vote!

The new challenge is " A Different Angle". Matt decided to take his action/drama and turn it into a grindhouse/thriller. I think he did a good job.
Tags: rl, worth doing, writing for reelz
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