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Dignity of Dragons has been hijacked

Thanks to this post on spnstoryfinders, I discovered my 2012 spn_j2_bigbang piece, Dignity of Dragons, on two pay-for-service sites: and

ebooks-tree didn't immediately ask me to pay to access my story, but it linked to which certainly did. My takedown request email to ebooks-tree seems to have gone through okay, and other authors say they've had no problem getting their works removed from this site, so I'm hopeful.

However, once again was totally skanky. I can't access my book, without registering (and providing credit card information). Nor can I access the site's FAQ or any troubleshooting info. I found 2 different email addresses for reporting abuse and DMCA complaints, but when I tried emailing, both were immediately bounced back by the postmaster.

If anybody has accessed my stuff through please let me know how to contact them, and please be aware that all my fanfiction is available for FREE download from my AO3 account:

What really bothers me is that there have been over 90 responses to my story of which I had no knowledge and so couldn't respond to anybody who reviewed or liked it. One of the joys of writing fan fiction is the ability to connect to readers and this has been stolen from me!

Please don't support either of these scam sites!

ETA:  The domain hosting company for is Moniker Online Services LLC. You can contact them at

The domain hosting company for is Wild West Domains, LLC. They can be contacted at

I have emailed both of them. We'll see what they do.
Tags: kinda p**ssed actually, rl, worth doing
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