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The Wounded

This is the feature film for which I was both 2nd Assistant Director (for the trailer) and Co-Writer of a revised script (page one rewrite for which I'll get full credit--thanks Matt!).

The director and co-writer (Matt Campbell: nice guy, very passionate) has entered a trailer in a crowd-based funding contest. If he wins, he'll get $1 million to film the full movie (a decent budget up here in the Great White North) and I'll GET PAID! (and Writer's Guild credits which is actually more important).

So I encourage you to check out this link and (if you like what you see) vote for The Wounded to move to the next level.  Thanks!

If you want more incentive to support this project, check out Matt's Director's Reel. Not all the footage is from The Wounded, but it's all pretty damn impressive!
Tags: rl, worth doing, worth watching, writing for reelz
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