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I'm going to be legal!

... or hip. Or maybe I just want to delete sites I never visit anymore. Whatever.

Ever since Google bought delicious, they've made it ridiculously complicated and annoying to use. I don't want to use it as part of my social network, thank you. I wanted to use it to bookmark stories, videos and resources in an easily tag-able and searchable format. Nothing less, and certainly nothing more.

So now I'm slowly switching all my delicious bookmarks over to AO3, as they allow external bookmarks including fanvids (yay!) and they advocate for "works of tranforrmative fiction" and so deserve my support. Besides, I like being able to download in multiple formats. Very handy, that.

Next step, is moving my soundtracks over to 8-track so that the music can be legally downloaded, etc. (I listen to 8-track at work, and I like it.) They're currently downloadable on mediafire, but I'm paying to host these files, and all the pdf and epubs of my stories which are all available to download from AO3.

Once both of these are done, I'll be able to delete both these accounts and delete them from my mind palace. (double-yay!).
Tags: no reason really, rl, worth doing
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