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Real life interferes again....

Sorry for the long wait for updates to Third Wheel, but my mother is terminal and she now needs help with the day-to-day stuff. So as of this Saturday, I'll be off work and heading back to the Great White North.

I knew this was coming (her cancer came out of remission early last year and she has consistently refused treatment) but it's still hard to deal with it now t's not a nebulous future event. I'm not sure how much help she'll need, or for how long, but she's going to be my priority for the next while.

That said, I'm taking Greyhound instead of flying. Since it's an 18-hour journey, I'm planning on finishing the last chapter of Third Wheel on the trip. It'll help keep my mind occupied.

I hope I can make the ending worth your patience.

Tags: rl, series:third wheel
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