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Third Wheel - update and wailing

I lost my flash drive last week, and it turns out I wasn't backing up Third Wheel quite as often as I thought. I've lost the updates/fixes I made to 3 chapters!   [insert wailing and self-flagellation here]

So now I'm hard at work recreating (as much as possible) everything I'd done. This means the next chapter will be delayed until I'm sure I've got the flow back to where it feels right and smooth. [more wailing with gnashing of teeth]

I'll probably find the flash drive after I've got the story back to where I'm happy with it, because that's the way the world works. More likely, however, is that I'll find it when I move (which isn't in my currently foreseeable future, unfortunately).

Anyway, I apologize to anyyone who's following Third Wheel, and want to assure you that I will be finishing it! [insert grinding teeth and steely gaze]

[ETA 17 Nov 2015 - brought Third Wheel back to where it was, and found the old flash drive right on schedule! *sad sigh*]
Tags: rl, series:third wheel, spn:fanfic, whining
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