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Heads UP: Fic Thief Update!

Thanks to amberdreams for bringing this to my attention. The site, called "Fanfic Journal" is for-profit. The owner is paid through ads for every person who clicks through the site. It would be fine except the owner copy/pastes other peoples work. Perhaps yours...

Originally posted by ladydragon76 at Fic Thief Update!


I have some new links that will keep the site owner from making any money off of us as we go to check for our and our friends' stolen entries and register our complaints.

Go here: and to the right there is a search box, just type in your Username and click search. If anything comes up and you don't want your entries on that site, go to this link here: Scroll down past ALLLLLL the people that have complained, and at the bottom you just put your username and the email address attached to your LJ, fill out the answer to the captcha, then say something along the lines of: "Remove my posts and never repost any of my content again." Be clear about that 'never again' and 'remove ALL posts' parts.

I've heard back from LiveJournal Staff, and as expected, since they're not affiliated, they can't really do anything. However, the owner of that site, our little thief in denial, is an LJ member. metapodik. So if this person harasses you more than you're entertained by, you can block and report them if you wish. They're pretty furious with me because I've been contacting victims directly as LJ Staff advised I continue to do, and people are complaining. It's working. Yesterday that site had 324 pages. When I started late this afternoon on contacting people again, it was down to 302 pages. Metapodik is busy running all over LJ trying to convince us they're not in the wrong, but I am still getting feedback from people that their entries are still being deleted after they make the complaint.

Now here's the part where I ask for your help if you are willing. This journal entry, and any others talking about the theft of our intellectual content are hereby available for direct copy/pasting to the site of your choice to help spread the info around. Credit me or not, just please, IF you are willing spread the word.

My Tumblr post is still here, and updated with this information too:

And for anyone wanting to brush up on Intellectual Property law, here's a link since Metapodik is still in complete denial that our text posts -regardless of what that text says- is really and truly our property and owned by us:

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