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Back to normal

I'm back at work, and back working on my Supernatural fic, so it's almost like I didn't just spend 10 days flailing madly while people made a movie around me.

Bonus to the long hours and mad schedule of Floating Away: One of the producers is interested in a short script I wrote about a bunch of homeless teens who break into a funeral home. It's a drama, but it's got comedic elements, a bit of action, and (hopefully) a powerful emotional element. Just need to touch it up a bit (it's been a year since I looked at it) and then I'll send it to her.

I've also managed to get my 8-min film uploaded, so now I can enter it into festivals!

Things are moving... in all directions, but hopefully I'll find a direction soon. :)
Tags: no reason really, rl, series:third wheel, writing for reelz
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