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This was my vacation...

70 pages, 15 locations, 20 cast, 50 crew (mostly volunteer), and 10 days to film it.

Floating Away is the story of a man so obsessed with his music, he lets the people in his life drift away.

The movie was crowd-funded in Japan, and one of the producers there knew one of my Langara Film Arts classmates who asked me to come on board as the 2nd Assistant Director.

This involved creating and distributing the daily call sheet and sides, getting volunteer release forms from nearly 60 volunteer cast and crew, confirming work hours and payment for the union cast, prepping location contracts. Monitoring cast while they were off set and making sure they were ready to go when the set was prepped.

I also ended up setting up and tearing down our locations, monitoring the craft (snacks) table, and being the voice of the (unseen) landlord for the star to act against.

It was a helluva lot of work, and today I'm too sore to tell you if it was worth it. Ask me again in a month, or maybe wait until early 2015 after I've seen the screening.
Tags: worth doing, writing for reelz
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