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SPN Fan fic: Third Wheel - A somewhat alternate ending to Season 5

Summary:  Castiel followed Sam and Dean into the hotel in Detroit—after everything they’ve survived together, there’s no way he’s leaving them alone now. This small act of loyalty has consequences, of course. Now he has to learn how to live as a grounded angel, Dean has to learn how not to fight for his brother, and Lisa has to learn how to balance family and desire.

Characters:  Dean, Castiel, Lisa and Ben Braeden; with cameos by Bobby, Michael (Adam), Rachel, Balthazar, Amelia and Claire Novak, and a few OCs.
Disclaimer:  The characters aren’t mine. I just shake them out and play with them.
Word Count:  around 120k (I think)
Pairings:  Dean/Lisa/Castiel
Rating:  R

Content:  AU/AR, death, h/c, language, polyamory, violence (including attempted rape, attempted kidnapping, and non-consensual drug use); spoilers for up to 6.01

AN: Written for mortar, who promised to read something longer than 3,000 words if her conditions were met. She wanted a different take on Season 6 with no soulless!Sam, no Campbells, and no Godstiel. Well, this isn’t quite that, but it’s certainly longer than 3,000 words!

This one isn't beta'ed, so if you spot any errors, let me know.


Chapter 1: Point of No Return

"Castiel knew he wasn’t much of an angel anymore. He’d been cut off from Heaven for too long to be able to rejuvenate himself and his… ‘mojo’ to anything close to what he’d known as a member of the Garrison. But he had enough power for this."

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Tags: series:third wheel, spn, spn:fanfic
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