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FINISHED!!! SPN: Green Grass of Home

Title: Green Grass of Home (on AO3)
Author: etrix
Fandom: Supernatural
Work Type: fic
Characters: Sam, Dean, OCs
Rating: PG-13

Written for: leaves_girl who bought a 20,000 word case!fic and gave me this prompt. It took me a long, long time to get this to her (and it’s not exactly what she requested) so I’ve thrown in a few extra words, (like, 8.000, but who’s counting?).

Summary: Liars never prosper. In fact, in this sleepy town, liars are dying horribly and Sheriff Mike Hardy has no idea where to look for the culprit, so when two improbable FBI agents show up to investigate he doesn’t look too hard at their badges.

Jim Brogan was an asshole. He was also a drunk.

In the space of five years, he’d lost his job, his wife and kids, his house, and his truck—in that order, though he mourned his truck more than his kids. Losses like that would’ve cut anyone else some sympathy, but Brogan had been an asshole before all that happened. Now, he was a drunken asshole who whined.

Contains: Outsider-POV, minor character death, canon-level violence and gore; mild spoilers for season 8, canon compliant

Soundtrack: Available for listening [ HERE ]

Thanks: to my betas rince1wind and alecto_nyx. They wrangled my runaway commas, and corralled my rampant ellipses. They asked questions and made suggestions. As usual, this story is much better for their help.

Tags: fandom aid, series:green grass, spn
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