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Job's going well. It's mostly data entry/verification so once I figure out which column goes with which field in about three different docs, Unfortunately, my daughter introduced me to "Spirit Stones", which is a smart phone game. It is full of bosom-y women in scant clothing (carrying swords and bows, so does that make it less a feminism fail? Nahhhhh!

However, I'm three-quarters through my re-read of "Third Wheel", and half-way through re-writes on "Green Grass" caused by alecto nyx's beta.

Rewriting is both a frustrating, grinding horror, and the most rewarding writing exercise I do.

It's a horror because this is where I realize that I've spelled a character's name three different ways. It's where I discover my comma-tosis disorder. It's where I look at a sentence that I wrote and ask "what was the author thinking?"

It's rewarding because I tighten up everything. I can work in themes and ideas at the start that I only realized when I wrote the ending. It's looking at a phrase and going "Oh! I wrote this? Wow!"

leaves_girl, if you're reading this, then new post date is looking to be Christmas or New Year's. I have to say, my stomach's starting to crunch hoping you like it after waiting for so, so long...
Tags: fandom aid, no reason really, rl
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