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What I've been reading...

In between writing cover letters and stories, I've been busy reading. (Not as many scripts as I should, but they dont' format well on my cell phone, heh!) Here's a short list:

In the Teen Wolf fandom (because I got hooked on this show so hard!)

Stiles Stilinsky, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. by laniew1. When the agents encounter a werewolf pack, Stiles’ knowledge brings him to Coulson’s attention, which brings him to the attention of the Avengers. This isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Men of a Certain Age by peroxidepest. Sheriff Stilinsky and Chris Argent have a lot in common.

9/10th of the Law by tsukinofaerii. A mild crossover with Supernatural. In order to avoid the upcoming apocalypse, a demon possesses the body of a stillborn baby. After sixteen years as Stiles Stilinsky, it sometimes forgets it isn’t actually human.

Welcome to Hale by relanafanel. It's supposed to be fun. A weekend retreat in a remote camping lodge with just the gang. And Stiles is enjoying it (especially the glimpses of the Creepy Hot Groundskeeper). Then things turn weird.

Hope Is a Thing with Feathers by sinfulshay. Stiles is 10 when he saves the Hales from the house fire. After that, they kind of adopt each other.

This Is Ridiculous by zosofi. Nice case!fic of the pack hunting a unicorn (that's a lot less virgin-friendly than in myth).

Play It Again by metisket. A spell transports Stiles to an alternate universe where he’s the one who knows what’s going on. He works to recreate and protect the pack as it exists in this new world.

Some Sherlock fan fics, just because.

A Beast Not Found in Verse by coloredink. Sherlock makes a wonderfully snarky Beast.

On Feathers and Bacon Sandwiches by kryptaria. Sherlock would try the patience of a saint! Good thing John's not one of those, then. Start of a 'verse.

A Study in Sherlock by bendingsignpost. The cabbie mistakes John for Sherlock. John goes along with it.

I also have two Avengers fics by jukeboxhound, since I love the way she does Tony’s internal voice.

The Minor Fall, the Major Lift. Tony’s thoughts about homosexuality, being held prisoner, getting hurt, fighting evil, and having people to rely on (and how weird is that?).

Lessons Learned at a Crucial Point in Time. A jam-packed exploration of Tony's past, and what he learned growing up that affected him as a part of The Avengers.

These aren't all of the ones I've bookmarked, but it's enough for one post. If you want more check me out on delicious:
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