Etrix (etrix) wrote,

Asking for Help...

Inspired by this video Amanda Palmer & the Art of Asking, I'm going to do something I am very uncomfortable doing, and that is asking people I barely know for help.

In two weeks, my little 3-min script starts filming. It's a sci-fi piece, with floating alien squid-bugs that reach into this woman's life and take her sister.

Sounds simple, and it is, but we're on location for each day of filming and only one of us has a vehicle. Our total budget (don't laugh, remember this is part of our curriculum) is $350. This has to cover food for cast and crew, props and wardrobe, and equipment rentals. I think we can cover it all if only we had vehicles we didn’t have to rent.

So, friends in fandom, if you live in Vancouver (or know someone who does) and you have a van or truck we could borrow, it would really, really help us. We film on 15-17 March, and we'll return everything clean and filled with gas on 18 March. You (or your friend or relation) will get some food (if you come to set) and your name in the credits (and maybe a beer or two).

I appreciate any help you all can provide. Thanks.

etrix =]

[ETA: If, as meowwl suggests below, you wish to donate money directly to my little film, then you can do so through Paypal. Just use the "send money" option from the main page, and use the email address: All donators will be given a film credit. =D
Tags: rl, whining
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