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I am not dead...

I am just overwhelmed.

Trying to find locations that satisfy the director of my 3-minute script. It takes place in a future where flying alien bugs like to eat humans, so the world has been drastically depopulated for over a decade. The first two locations--suitably dilapidated--are off for safety reasons. There’s one more that would be great, but I need to check with the cops on whether it’ll be safe for us to be filming there at night. (We can’t afford security.) Plus will there be washrooms we can use?

Trying to get permission to use [this song] by Johnny Hollow. So far they haven’t gotten back to me. =[

I’m also the Assistant Director on a different 3-minute script and I still have on a hazy idea of my responsibilities aside from herding director and crew through the actual shooting.

I’ve got approximately 200 pages to read. (I’ve kind of let that one slip.)

Working on the first draft of my 7-minute script. Had three ideas: futuristic buddy-cop movie, reflective character piece with flashback, time-travel comedy with slap-stick elements. I’m going with the last one, because, again, I have to produce it and the flash-back one would require so many locations--I don’t even want to think about it. Not the first one, because I think it would be better as a feature length piece. So, time travel it is!

Just finished up the first 10 pages of my feature film. Action-adventure, of course. Dying colony needs to be rescued. Cross-country quest with villains and hungry beasties, and an unfriendly environment.

Wrote a 6-page piece for one of the directors who wanted certain specific elements. Had two days to do that one! He showed some clips from my part of the piece. Very cool to see my words acted out on screen. The actors caught the tone I wanted very, very well. I wanted to go out and watch them film, even help out, but *sigh* see above…

And then there’s everyday life stuff: laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc. Between all of these, I haven’t written a word in my SPN stories for nearly three weeks (I haven’t forgotten my fandomaid fic, promise!).

Oh well. At least it’s not -20C and snowing. =]
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