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Made it!

After a 12-hour journey over two mountain ranges and through one snow-storm, we got to my new place in suburban Vancouver. Only two pieces of furniture got broken (and one of those I'm not even going to pretend to mourn), and all the boxed stuff made it out in the same shape it went in. All-in-all, a very successful move.

Only have a bit more stuff to unpack for the computer/office area, but tomorrow is student ID and textbook day (my former coworkers gave me a gift certificate for the college's bookshop so I'm kind of looking forward to checking it out) and then the next day is classes, so I'm going to have to squeeze in this last bit of work. Oh well, I bought a bottle of wine (a nice pinot noir) to celebrate New Year's and there's still a lot left. I'll have a glass or two and the work will go much easier. Although I may not be able to find any of it afterwards.

I hope everyone's Festivus went well, and the the new year brings much goodness into your lives.

Tags: no reason really, rl
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