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Stories and School and Moving, oh my!

Just over a year ago (but more like a year and a half) my daughter promised to read a story longer than 3,000 words (her online limit at the time) if I wrote it to her specifications. She asked for a season 6 fix-it where Castiel doesn’t turn into Godstiel, and Sam retains his soul, and it dealt a bit more with what happened during that year.

No Campbells? I asked. No Campbells, she confirmed. How about Lisa & Ben, I asked. Hmmm, maybe—as long as I didn’t use her as a Mary Sue who fixes everybody’s problems. No wincest, she added. No problem, I replied. And not longer than 10,000 words! she said as I walked away. (I pretended not to hear that part)

A couple months went by (more like six) and I returned to her.

How much over 10,000 words are you willing to read? I asked. Umm, is that a trick question? she responded. (She knows me too well!) The thing is, I said, Dean has to try to get Sam out of Hell, and Cas has to learn to live as a human, and Lisa has to decide if she can live with the two of them. Oh, my daughter said, that sounds interesting. 15,000-20,000 words would be okay. (I was already well over 30,000 but I didn’t tell her that.)

A couple more months go by.

What if Sam’s rescue kind of goes sideways, I said. Does he turn into an evil!Sam? she asked suspiciously. (My daughter’s a bit of a schmoop fan.) No, I reassured her. No evil!Sam, just not fully human!Sam either. And while we’re at it, I continued, what if I said it had the potential to turn into a polyamorous Dean/Lisa/Cas curtain!fic. Could it be a bit longer then? Sure! she responded. I can read a bit more… if it’s good.

So now, nearly 17 months later, I’m 112,000 words in and just finishing up the last chapter.

I’m in the middle of moving to Vancouver, so I can go back to school again. It’s a 15-credit per semester course load with a minimum of 100-pages of original writing due each semester. Plus I have committed to writing a 20,000+ word case!fic for Hurricane Sandy relief, and I’m trying to write some original stuff for the commercial market. I also have ideas for sequels and timestamps bouncing around in my brain (along with moving and utility companies’ rates and fees).


I think I’ll play CreaVures for a bit… With the headphones on so I can’t hear my daughter asking me if it’s done yet.

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