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SPN: Start Me Up [prequel to New World Man]

Summary: It's 1989, and a stranger rolls into town with kids in tow. He's dangerous, but that's okay. Since the Storm covered the world in deadly, malevolent Dust, dangerous is a good thing.

Characters: John and the boys, Kate Milligan, OCs
Pairings: None
Rating: PG-13
Genres: AU/AR; apocalypse!fic
Contains: mention of OC death, language, magic, mentions of apocalyptic-style nastiness

AN: Prequel to my 2011 spn_j2_bigbangentry, New World Man, and used, in a slightly altered form, as the original short story for my portfolio. It should be self-contained or else I've failed miserably.

As always, thanks to the wonderful rince1wind who, despite how busy she is, took time out to read through this, and provided me with many, many helpful comments.

It was strange to have a road connecting their town to the rest of the world once again.

Tags: one shots, series:new world man, spn, spn:fanfic
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