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SPN: Dignity of Dragons - RPF; AU; gen

Summary: Technically, Harley found the lizard (which was actually a dragon!) and Jared took it home because it was hurt (even though his mama had said no more pets). It was okay though, because Jared didn’t intend to keep it. In fact, it had to have escaped from one of the government zoos (and having it in the house was probably dangerous), so Jared planned on returning it (but the dragon had plans of his own).

Characters:  Featuring a (nearly) 17-year-old Jared, his family, and his family’s pets (which include 2 dogs, 1 bird, 1 gerbil and 2 turtles) and Jensen as the dragon (of course).

Also starring Kurt Fuller, Misha Collins, Charles Malik Whitfield, Samantha Ferris and Rob Benedict. With appearances by Jim Beaver, Katie Cassidy, Mark Pellegrino, Demore Barnes, and Lindsey McKeon.

Disclaimer:  Unfortunately, there is no way this is true (dragons! *sigh*). It was just a lot of fun to write. Title was shamelessly stolen from David Malki’s wonderful poster Supernatural Collective Nouns. Thanks, Nat, for pointing me to it. J

Word Count:  ≈51k
Pairings: None. Well... itty-bitty Jensen/Danneel but it's so off-screen as to be in another universe.
Rating:  PG-13

Content:  AU/AR, action, anthropomorphic, character fic, fantasy, h/c, some language, RPF, some schmoop; Jared’s POV.

Link to fic (by me):

Link to art (by sophiap):

Tags: series:dignity of dragons, spn, spn:fanfic
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