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It didn't bother me until it did...

I have my faults in the grammar department (as my patient betas will attest) so I try to be accepting of other people's quirks when it comes to spelling, capitalization, and punctuation (with certain basic exceptions: it's I (capital) and never i (lower-case), etc). But I've run across the use of t-shirt in many stories and it's starting to bug me.

It's T-shirt.

The reason is not to do with words or 'it's short for', it's because, when the garment was developed, they thought it looked like a capital T.  No neck, short arms, straight-body. It's a T. Ergo, T-shirt. Not t-shirt, not tee-shirt and certainly not t-Shirt. It can be shortened  to tee, or T, as in "hey dude, grab my tees from the dryer," or "That colour T doesn't suit you," but that's about it. 

Weird the things that bring on a rant.
Tags: silliness, whining
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