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Yeah, so now that the FBI has taken down Megaupload (repeated expletive deleted), all my download links went with them. (See how unimpressed Victor is?)

I've put some up on Mediafire but the free version doesn't like my huge soundtrack zips, and I'm not willing to pay for something that's probably the feeb's next target. ('cos everybody that uses a file-sharing site is breaking the law and must be deprived of something that is convenient and easy to use.)

Anyway, I'd love to rant about freedom of expression and various other issues surrounding this draconian measure (although it was nicely time to undercut the 'importance' of passing SOPA and PIPA), what I really want to say is that I will be working to find a site I can host all my files on. Until then, if you see something you'd like to have, just PM me with your email and I'll see if I can send it to you.

I thank you for your patience.

[ETA: 24 Jan 2012] I've updated all the links in all the master posts (I hope). If you find any dead or incorrect ones, please let me know.
Tags: non-fiction, whining
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