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Petition to End the War on Drugs

I strongly believe that the money currently spent to fight the endless 'War on Drugs' could be put to much better use: schools, health care, infrastructure maintenance... Hell, I'd even take improved mass transit.

At the simplest level of argument, if drugs are 'a menace to society' then all drugs should be considered as such and outlawed but, as in the 20's, it's not really about that. It's about a segment of society deciding that it knows what's best for whole of society and, if we'd just listen to them, we'd all be better, bound-for-heaven, more-successful people. It shouldn't be their choice. It should be ours. We make the choice, we accept the consequences, and governments can spend the money on other things that can actually be improved (like school systems, health-care and infrastructure maintenance).

I am always disappointed that, as a society, we didn't learn from the attempt to prohibit alcohol in the 1920's. All it did was make the profit margin so high that any risk or action by the (newly established) mafia and irish mobs were completely justified in their eyes. It didn't work then, and it's not working now. Places where they have relaxed their stance on some narcotics have not become drug addict infested, hot beds of crime as the doom-sayers predicted but have seen a drop in many crime and health statistics (and an increase in revenue as, like cigarettes and beer, drug sales can be taxed and licensed). 

If you think the way I do has a petition you can sign. They have links to articles that support their position, of course, but they are still good solid articles. Here`s the link: clicky clicky
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