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Filled with Awe and Envy...

I may have written myself into a little, tiny corner, so I needed a break to ponder. This is what I found.

It always amazes me at how much talent and energy we fans are willing to spend creating stories, art and videos for no more reward than the appreciation of our fellow fans. That said, I'd like to pimp out this site. Kellygirl is hosting a contest to create the opening credits for Supernatural. The entries are short (no more than 30 seconds) but some of them just blow me away they're that good.

The contest is closed to entries now, and the winner is picked by the judges, but we can still go over and give a little thumbs up to the ones we like. 

Be the next WincheSTAR

Tags: fanvid, recs, recs:spn, recs:vids, spn, spn:fanvid, worth watching
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