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When Eric Kripke came up with the idea for Supernatural, he saw it as two guys, travelling Midwest America, chasing urban legends of monsters and myths. It was going to be a different horror movie every week because that's what he likes, blood and gore. Like this:

To play the part of the brothers, they chose two talented young actors. Jensen Ackles was hired to play the older brother, Dean and Jared Padalecki plays younger brother Sam. It didn't take long for the writers and producers to discover the chemistry between the two and the emphasis started to shift from the 'Monster of the Week'  to the boys' relationship.

It's a pretty typical relationship, aside from the whole killing monsters thing, but then their dad dies so that Dean can live and Sam's targeted by a demon and a whole biblical apocalypse is started when Dean goes to Hell.

But it's not all dark prophecy and monster killings because they also discovered a talent for humour in the actors, the writers and the crew (just keep an eye on the motel decor in the first few seasons) They have no problem making fun of themselves and they use that to both advance the story and lighten the atmosphere.

I have to admit, I came to the show late but now... it's about the only thing on TV I'll sit through ads to watch. Plus I spend my precious free time (when I should be writing) answering challenges, both weird and serious, in the spnland communities because they're fun and it's nice to know other people are as hooked as I am.

Anyways, check out the videos. Check out the show. Maybe you'll join me in my addiction and we can have fun in spnland  as Team Heaven, Team Hell and Team Hunter battle it out in the Apocalypse. =]

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