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SPN Fic Rec - Hover Through the Fog and Filthy Air

If you like your angst with well-rounded characters, well-thought out backstory and world-building then this is the story for you. That the author managed to throw in a decent little case for the boys to solve is just a bonus. Written for this year's J2 bigbang challenge so the art is pretty kickass too.

Title: Hover Through the Fog and Filthy Air
Summary: AU after “Lucifer Rising.” 2013 – The demon war ended three years ago with Lucifer’s death. Sam and Dean, now living in Portland, Oregon, are learning how to live after a violent war that destroyed part of the country and left both of them weary and broken. As they decide to start hunting again, a friend tells them about a potential case – strange human-shaped shadows are attacking people in the night. In the small town of Government Camp, lost in the mountains, they find out this hunt is the consequence of something darker and uglier than they could imagine…
Warnings: Language, mentions of a suicide attempt, PTSD flashbacks, disturbing imagery.
Word count: 29,000

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Tags: recs, spn, spn:fanfic, worth reading
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