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2008 Genesis Awards Nominations

I am once again busy pimping out this site because good writing is good writing and should be recognized as such, whether it's for fun or profit. You can visit the site at genesisawards (dot) net and troll for new reads or to nominate a fic you love... I do.

This year so far, I've nominated the following:

Midgar: The Soap by jaded_grin in Best AU/AR.

kremesch's Void I. A tortured, angsty love(?) story between Tseng and Vincent. Posted on

For those of you who like your current events with a Final Fantasy flavour, check out The World of Nasdack by karanguni and ellnyx.

rabid_plotbunny's short comedy series Fly on InsaneJournal
Unexpected Side Effects by tir_synni in the Best Action/Adventure category. 

I'm sure this list will grow as the year wears on and I find more stories that make me go 'wow'.

This year they've opened it up for fanfics from the FFX world as well. It's not a fandom I'm familiar with but, if you are and you have some favourites, go over and nominate them!
Tags: ffvii, ffvii:fanfic, recs, worth reading
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