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My Picks for the Genesis Awards (so far)

There are so many stories and authors I enjoy, but there are only a few I go back and reread, and reread, right from the beginning. Since I've heard of the Genesis Awards, I thought why not nominate? If nothing else it gets these authors/stories out to a broader audience - which they deserve.

My personal shortlist:

purefoysgirl - Reno is God in Best Humor
The Beginning of the End in Best Completed Chapter Story
Dogs Will Hunt in Best Angst

JaydeeGrey - Reduced to Specimens in Best Tragedy

Hade's Phoenix - Eir's Tomorrow for Best Drama

Staci - Deeper Understanding in Best Slash Romance S/G/A/Z (very hot)
Remenissions will be nominated once it reaches 5 chapters (dammit!)

Filthy Mushi - Green Dreams in Best Drama

ladynero - Two Letters and a Number in Best Crossover. It's a FFVII & Stargate fic.

mystiri_1 - Hugs, Cookies and Cute, Fluffy Things in Best Humour because it still makes me smile.

Nominated but not by me:

Amarissia has been nominated in Best Slash Romance for The Madness of Angels . Another good one. She's also got The Silence of the Chocobos nominated in Best Miscellaneous.

Hades’ Phoenix’s
Imperfect Tense has been nominated for Best Crossover. Read it - Loved it. Eir's Tomorrow has also been nominated as Best Work in Progress, Chaptered Fiction and Best Alternate Universe. She's also got one in Best Miscellaneous, Artistry. It's got graphic medical torture (poor Cloud) so be warned.

Ardwynna Morrigu's hilarious verse The Quarrel has been nominated for Best Poem. Zack gets fed up with Seph's lack of style in bed. Read it and bust a gut.

Coyo, also known as ciceqi, has a fic nominated for Best Angst. Just read it, it's good. Exchange

Dogs Will Hunt by purefoysgirl (also known as
) just got nominated for Best Slash Romance. Yay!

mystiri_1's endearing mini-fic Hatched is being considered for Best Humour. Cloud and Zack get reincarnated as chocobos... how could anybody resist?

ETA [5 Oct 09] the_staci has removed all her stories from LJ and says she will be removing them from as well. This is a huge loss. =[

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