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Procrastination Tools for the Day

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this next chapter... or maybe it's just that what I'm envisioning isn't what's appearing on the screen in front of me. I no longer have my association's conference to blame, and my co-worker has returned to take back her share of the load. Blame must be placed somewhere so here are my latest tools for procrastinators. These two AMVs are set to very different styles of music yet each, in their way, are excellent examples of matching clips to songs.

Jon Bon Jovi's not my favourite band but this is so well done I'm going to share it. It evokes fighting spirit and determination and all that rah-rah stuff:

Gary Jules' version of Mad World is always angsty and sad. There are lots of FFVII AMVs that use it, this was the best one I found:

Hopefully the writing will go better tomorrow... when I'm supposed to working and want something to put off actually doing it. =]
Tags: ffvii, ffvii:fanvid, worth watching
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