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2008 Genesis Award Shortlist

The Genesis Awards Committee has put up their shortlist for best FFVII fan fiction for 2008-09. As I nominated several of my favourite stories, and am cheering on a few others, I thought I’d give you an update (and encourage everyone to go out and read them).

Hade's Phoenix’s Eir's Tomorrow for Best Drama, and it is shortlisted in that category. It’s also shortlisted in Best AU and Best Work In Progress. This is a great ‘go back in time’ story and I highly recommend it to everyone.

mystiri_1’s Hugs, Cookies and Cute, Fluffy Things for Best Humour. She has a good chance of winning something because her story Hatched has also been shortlisted here. I completely agree that these stories deserve the nomination because, how many months later, they can still make me smile.

I nominated jaded_grin’s Dogs Will Hunt for Best Angst. It didn’t make it in that category but got switched to Best Slash Romance. It’s great that it’s up for consideration (definitely) but now it’s up against another one of my favourites, Amarissia’s The Madness of Angels. Doh!

Other stories on the shortlist that I have read and can recommend include:

Coyo’s Exchange in Best Angst (what is Cloud willing to exchange for Zack to live)

Fairheartstrife’s Splintered Dreams in Best AU (Cloud died, Zack didn’t. Deal with it)

Hades’ Phoenix’s Imperfect Tense in Best Crossover (FFVII/VIII)

Hades’ Phoenix, again, for Artistry in Best Miscellaneous (Hojo admires his own work)

Mikonada’s Facing the Truth in Best Miscellaneous (will Cloud ever be able to face the truth)

Amarissia’s The Silence of the Chocobos in Best Miscellaneous (is it a horror, a parody or something else)

ardwynna-m's The Quarrel in Best Poetry

To check out the other stories, or to find out more about the Genesis Awards, check out their new site:

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