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Falling in Love and other delaying tactics...

So one of the other reasons I've been so slow getting the chapters out is I've been working my way through the directory at mangafox, one genre at a time (starting with yaoi, of course). Some of it is really bad and some of it is really hot. Most of it is illustrated Harlequin romance but, occasionally some of it is excellent. Junjo Romantica was my starting point. Then Okane Ga Nai, then I started going through alphabetically (I have a few anal tendencies, I know. *shrug* Probably why I became a Library Technician.) I recently ran across this short little gem of a story and I must take a moment or two to recommend it.
Hatsuai is the story of Kashiwaya and Hibino. Hibino's a regular senior high school student except that he's best friends with Kashiwaya. Kashiwaya has his own reality which overlaps other people's only slightly. When Kashiwaya realizes that he's fascinated by Hibino's adam's apple he at first thinks he's a vampire... although he's not sure when he would have been changed into one. It takes having a wet dream about his friend for him to realize that he's attracted to Hibino, except that he winds up blaming it on a mythological being called a Kappa and nobody can figure out what he means.

The mangaka, Fuzuki Atsuyo, uses both words and images to portray Kashiwaya's disconnect from most people's reality in a way that is sweet and funny and very evocative of an awkward first love.There are lots of little moments and asides that add so much humour to this story and are part of the reason I rate this above the usual yaoi romance. Those moments could have been lost but weren't so I must also take my hats off to the translator, Kashinosei, who did an excellent job.

If you have a few moments and new a good chuckle, I suggest you check it out. It's mostly worksafe as Kashiwaya's inner defence team usually takes over whenever things start to heat up. I hope you enjoy it.

[ETA: It no longer appears to be posted anywhere. I dl'ed it a while back so, if you want to try it, let me know I'll upload it and send you the link.]
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