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Mad World - Fan Art

This is so completely cool! I've got a few more Mad World pics to share:

This is a group picture that's Aerith's Rain has been working on. It's actually from a scene in Chapter 22.

Mad World - Group by *Phoneix-Faerie on deviantART

This was a 'during class' doodle that may or may not expand into something more. It's from early on in the story, Chapter 3 or so.

recovered prototype by ~ColletteRain11 on deviantART

This last one is mature-blocked on deviantArt which means you have to be a member. It's free to join, but the decision is up to you. It's rough and a bit grim, but it is of 'C' so it fits.  Specimen 'C'
If you like them, please let the artists know.
Tags: ffvii, series:mad world
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