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Blood Makes Noise - One Shot

Title: Blood Makes Noise
Prompt: “Turks/Rufus, sex ed - the Turks are ordered to teach teenage Rufus about sex so that he doesn't get into trouble.”
Posted:  3 Feb 2009 on FFVII Anon Kink Meme and 9 Mar 2009 on my LJ
Disclaimer:  I have a job that doesn’t include working for Square Enix. This is for fun.
Pairings:  Elena/Reno, Elena/Rufus, Reno/Rude, Rufus/Tseng
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings: Anal, AU/AR, Bi, Exhib, F/M, Language, M/M, Minor, Oral

(link is under the title)

Tags: ffvii, one shots
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