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Freedom to Read Week

This February, Freedom to Read Week celebrates 25 years of raising awareness of our right to choose what enters our mind through the written word.

Many of the world’s library associations participate in this event although it usually takes place in September. But this year, in Canada, we’re celebrating it in February because that’s when it originally took place here.

There are lots of ways you can become involved but my favourite is:

Free a Challenged Book:

This is an initiative to bring awareness of this issue to people who might not otherwise know, or care, about the challenges facing people’s right to read. The idea is to buy a challenged book, label it as such and then leave somewhere other people can find it, maybe pick it up and read it; to allow them to make up their own minds about the ‘offensiveness’ of the work.

Park benches, bus stops, coffee shop tables are all good places to leave, or find, challenged books. Give it a try.

You can get a list of books that have been challenged in Canada
here or, if you live in the States, the American Library Association maintains a list of the most challenged books in the USA here.

Free a Challenged Book... you never know whose mind will be freed.

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