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[sticky post] Master Fiction List

I'm always open to comments and suggestions on ways to improve my stories and my writing. From letting me know about typos and formatting errors, to pointing out plot holes and canonical errors, I say "Bring it."

Note: All the main links go to my AO3 site, but except for my original and script work, they are also available on fanfiction.net.

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Happy Belated!

To heard_the_owl

I'm not sure if you're still haunting LJ at all, but just in case. :)


Brother Mine... IN CHINESE!

I've been sitting on this for a while because so often people ask if they can translate my stories and then .... dead air.

THIS TIME! This time she's actually doing it. M_Ich_Elle_Y is spending her free time translating the words and embedding tattoeddevil's inspiring pics (literally inspiring. Brother Mine was a reversebang)

She'd up to chapter 5 (of 6, and the last chapter is just my notes and thanks, so if she never gets to it, I'll still feel chuffed).

If you're curious (or if you can read Chinese) go on over to M_Ich_Elle_Y's AO3 account and check it out.
It feels like forever since I posted something new.

Here is a short (for me) crossover between two of my favourite verses...

Title: In the Garden

Summary: In a garden, especially a magical dream construct of one, you never know who might come walking down the path.

A Supernatural/Doctrine of Labyrinths crossover. This takes place pre-series Supernatural so no changes to canon there, but it's mid-Corambis (the final book) for Doctrine of Labyrinths so it's mildly AU for that series.

Characters: Felix Harrowgate, Wizard (formerly of the Curia); Thamuris, Celebrant Celestial (of the Euryganeic Covenant); and Dean Winchester, Hunter (and general badass)

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, but I did have fun playing with them. I give them back essentially the same as I found them.

Rating: PG / Gen

Contains: Language, magic, magical bees, no violence, but there are mentions of past rape/abuse/torture (canon), serious illness of a major character (canon), and essentially no plot.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12490144
ff.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12700804/1/In-The-Garden

(So if you find it somewhere else, please let me know.)

In case anyone isn't familiar with the fandoms I played in...

Supernatural is a TV series about 2 brothers who were raised from a young age to fight monsters and supernatural beings. I love the hell out of the first 5 seasons. What a story! (They lived out of a Chevy Impala for the first half of the series.) http://supernatural.wikia.com/wiki/Supernatural_Wiki

Doctrine of Labyrinths is a 4-book series written by Sarah Monette, whose awesomeness I cannot adequately describe. The world-building alone must have taken her years, and yet there's no emphasis on it. In fact, her characters take it mostly for granted, because, of course, they live in it. Warning, these are not “light” fantasy in any way. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/DoctrineOfLabyrinths

They say it's your birthday...


I hope it's a great one!

End of my paid account

I don't post much here anymore, but I have so many good memories of being on Livejournal. Once I started posting, it didn't take me long to set up my fic community etrixiswriting. I was directing everyone to comment there and keeping my journal for other things. However, now that I've stopped paying for an account here, I'm not sure if my posts there will be maintained for very long after the renewal date, and Dreamwidth doesn't import from communities. :(

So, I'm saving each entry as an HTML file, (which I may or may not try to import to Dreamwidth) but what's really striking me is how much things have changed since I first posted here.

I like AO3; I like how you can download stories in so many formats to read at your leisure, but it doesn't have the same sense of community that LJ (or even ff.net) brought to fandom. By reading offline, it takes the pressure off the reader to comment on what they've just read. I used to get (and give) comments pointing out typos which the author would fix before replying. Whole conversations taking place with minimal delay.

I don't do this on AO3.

I don't see anyone doing this on AO3.

In fact I often don't comment on stories there at all, (as I have to click a link to take me back to the site, and then I often have to log in because I've been booted at some point, and then do I comment on the first chapter (perhaps with spoilers) or navigate to the last chapter and post there) as it's just as easy to press the Kudo button and leave it at that.

I think I will start reading online again. Maybe that will encourage me to be a better reader (and comment when I enjoy something). I have a decent data plan, as long as I don't go out of the country...

Happy Birthday, Amberdream

I already know you were probably busy and that your hubby tried to spoil you, so here's hoping you took some time off all your projects and let him.

Finding LJ friend on Dreamwidth

There's a handy post in Dreamwidth that is tracking usernames for peeps moving from here to there. If you're looking for someone who used to be here, you might want to start there. (If they've moved someplace else, you might be out of luck.)

In case you're wondering, on DW I'm etrixan.


Why Am I Writing This Scene?

Why is this Scene Here?
What does it Accomplish?
What do the Characters Want?
What is the Conflict?
Where is the Subtext?
Do They Talk Too Much?
What Can Be Shown?

So these are questions that I learned in my scriptwriting class. Chapter interrogation, it's called, and it's a good way to cut down on all the extraneous crap that can clutter a good story.

Sometimes, though, it can be intimidating to keep all these things in your head when you're writing. All the "rules" for being sleek, fast-paced, character-driven stories... When the words aren't coming easy to begin with, these are actually bad things to have in your head. I suppose if writing were easier, everyone would do it.

Oh wait...

Weird Law (1-hour speculative pilot)

Supernatural creatures are just another minority. Like humans, they have jobs, houses, and families. And like humans, they have crime, criminals, and psychopaths. That’s where the Supernatural Response Team comes in. Not that Brie wants to be part of the SRT. After all, it's career suicide (once you're in, you can never get out) because only you can't be part of the SRT if you don't have supranatural powers.

Good thing Brie doesn't have any weird powers.

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