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So I've got a story (AU of course) and I could consider it finished, but possibilities are teasing at the corner of the ending. Or maybe I'm just seeing things.

Either way, if anyone of you (my f-listies) would read it and give me your opinion, I'd appreciate it.



Austin Film Festival, I almost knew ye

So my TV pilot script didn't make it to the next level at the Austin Film Festival.

With over 8000 entrants, and having submitted "genre fiction", I'll try not to feel bummed by that, but damn! It would've been cool. (And a nice bump when I'm feeling draggy and low.)

Now I just have to wait for my "notes" (trans. "beta") to come back to see where I need to improve...

Whatever. I have another Teen Wolf fan fic nearly ready to post. I'm thinking of another pilot/short story I can write. I have food to eat and my kids are healthy. I have many things to be grateful for, even if the days are getting shorter and I'm now getting ready for work in the dark. I like sunshine. I want the sunshine back. =(

Teen Wolf Reverse Bang Fic

I've been feeling kind of pressured with my original stuff (Finish It! FINISH IT! FINISH IT!) so I decided to sign up as a pinch hitter (5000 word min = easy).  When I got the nod, I spent a couple days thinking about it, and this is the result:

Fic Title: How To Survive a Fire without Really Dying (on AO3 / on FF.net )
Characters/Pairings: Jordan Parrish. Cameos by most of the pack, Derek Hale, and a couple original characters. / No pairings (although Jordan wouldn't be adverse to some slash-action with Derek).
Rating: T
Word Count: 7700
Warnings: mild violence in flashbacks; canon-compliant, non-permanent character death.

Summary: They say the first time you do anything new is the hardest. For Parrish, the first time wasn't hard. After all, how hard was it to sit, hand-cuffed to the steering wheel, while a co-worker poured gasoline over you and then lit it?

(or How Parrish Learned to Stop Worrying and Love His Flames)

FFVII: Making It Work - Now in POLISH!

So about 3 years ago, I received a request for permission to translate Making It Work into Polish. I said yes, because AWEsome!

I didn't hear anything...

        I didn't hear anything...

                I gave up waiting to hear anything.

Then, just a little bit ago, Namichi pm's me thru fanfiction.net to let me know she's started work on the translation. Very cool.

So, if you read Polish and like FFVII, you can check it out. http://archiveofourown.org/works/4305879/chapters/9759510

Beta reader request

I'm looking for a beta for my first TW fanfic.

It's about 16.5k long. It's a gen AU featuring Allison, Sheriff Stilinski and Chris Argent.

If anybody's interested, please let me know.

The Switch on Xtra

This is the show I've been (still am) working on. Most of this is new since I spent my days holed away in front of a computer comparing figures.

Still proud of being involved in this ground-breaking show.

A used book store just up the valley in Chilliwack did this. It's fun.

The Wounded - Cinecoup Trailer

Matthew recut the trailer for The Wounded as part of the CineCoup film funding contest. Please watch it (like it) and share it with your friends.  Every bit of support counts!

BTW, I was 2nd Assistant Director for the trailer shoot--3 days of intense action and utter dedication.

Top 15 voting is open.

Thanks everyone who's helped us get this far, but now it's time to step up again!

Follow the link, view, review, share and vote!


If you were wondering if you have to be Canadian to participate, you don't. You just have to register on the CineCoup site, earn some votes and use them (preferably on The Wounded).

There's only a couple days to cast your vote, so please don't delay.
I've been hired as production accountant for The Switch, which is written, produced and stars fellow Langara graduate Amy Fox. It's taken Amy 2 years to bring this story to life, but she finally got network funding from Out TV so they're now neck-deep in production. 5 weeks of filming, then post-production--broadcast is scheduled for September.

Read more...Collapse )


Once again, the amazing waltzmatildah is organizing a pan-fandom fundraising campaign. There's 8 pages of people volunteering their time and craft in support. Even if you're not looking for/aren't able to do anything, please spread the word as widely as possible.

I've put my writing skills up for sale here: http://fandomaid.livejournal.com/71810.html?thread=2292610#t2292610. I hope to see you there!

The Wounded is one step closer...

Thanks to anyone who helped moved it up to the next level, The Wounded is now in the Top 30!

For those who didn't read my previous posts, this contest will provide one project with a million dollars to make their movie (a million's a decent budget up here in Canada), and a guaranteed theatrical release. I rewrote the script at the request of the director, Matt Campbell, on spec, so no money, no credit... yet. If The Wounded wins this contest, I'll get both.

There's only 7 days to the next voting stage, so I'm asking you all to sign on to Cinecoup, watch the challenge, review, comment and share for the next 6 days and then vote!

The new challenge is " A Different Angle". Matt decided to take his action/drama and turn it into a grindhouse/thriller. I think he did a good job.


猫 シ Corp. --- Luxury's Fortune

I caught my daughter listening to this, and felt like I'd been thrown back to my late 80's/early 90's electronica roots.  Love this stuff!

Dignity of Dragons has been hijacked

Thanks to this post on spnstoryfinders, I discovered my 2012 spn_j2_bigbang piece, Dignity of Dragons, on two pay-for-service sites: ebooks-tree.net and urbookdownload.com.

ebooks-tree didn't immediately ask me to pay to access my story, but it linked to urbookdownload.com which certainly did. My takedown request email to ebooks-tree seems to have gone through okay, and other authors say they've had no problem getting their works removed from this site, so I'm hopeful.

However, once again urbookdownload.com was totally skanky. I can't access my book, without registering (and providing credit card information). Nor can I access the site's FAQ or any troubleshooting info. I found 2 different email addresses for reporting abuse and DMCA complaints, but when I tried emailing, both were immediately bounced back by the postmaster.

If anybody has accessed my stuff through urbookdownload.com please let me know how to contact them, and please be aware that all my fanfiction is available for FREE download from my AO3 account: http://archiveofourown.org/users/etrix.

What really bothers me is that there have been over 90 responses to my story of which I had no knowledge and so couldn't respond to anybody who reviewed or liked it. One of the joys of writing fan fiction is the ability to connect to readers and this has been stolen from me!

Please don't support either of these scam sites!

ETA:  The domain hosting company for ebooks-tree.net is Moniker Online Services LLC. You can contact them at abuse@moniker.com.

The domain hosting company for urbookdownload.com is Wild West Domains, LLC. They can be contacted at abuse@wildwestdomains.com.

I have emailed both of them. We'll see what they do.

The Wounded made it to the next round...

Since I helped write the script for the feature, it would be really cool if The Wounded made it to the end. To do that, it needs your support.

Please go, check it out, and if you like it, the please rate, comment, and spread the word!



The Wounded

This is the feature film for which I was both 2nd Assistant Director (for the trailer) and Co-Writer of a revised script (page one rewrite for which I'll get full credit--thanks Matt!).

The director and co-writer (Matt Campbell: nice guy, very passionate) has entered a trailer in a crowd-based funding contest. If he wins, he'll get $1 million to film the full movie (a decent budget up here in the Great White North) and I'll GET PAID! (and Writer's Guild credits which is actually more important).

So I encourage you to check out this link and (if you like what you see) vote for The Wounded to move to the next level.  Thanks!


If you want more incentive to support this project, check out Matt's Director's Reel. Not all the footage is from The Wounded, but it's all pretty damn impressive!

Birthday Peeples!!

A couple of my favourite author-type peeples are having birthdays.

jukeboxhound and rince1wind, I hope you both have wonderfuls days and even better years. Good luck in all your endeavours.

No gas for the engine...

Right now I'm finding it very hard to get motivated to write.

I have good reasons for this (my mother died recently and I'm allowed to grieve; my current job is ending and I don't have another lined up so I'm allowed to be worried) but it still feels like I should have more energy and enthusiasm for doing something I love.

I don't, and I don't know why.

Maybe because I stopped my daily writing habit. Maybe it's because my desk is crappy and it makes my shoulders hurt to work at it. Maybe because it's all original material and it's harder than writing in someone else's sandbox. Maybe I need some new ideas...

Hopefully, something snaps back into place soon, because I miss feeling like writing's a joy, not a chore. :(

On the plus side, the trees blossoms are out, the flowers are rising from the earth, and I can (almost) go outside in shirt-sleeves. 

I'm going to be legal!

... or hip. Or maybe I just want to delete sites I never visit anymore. Whatever.

Ever since Google bought delicious, they've made it ridiculously complicated and annoying to use. I don't want to use it as part of my social network, thank you. I wanted to use it to bookmark stories, videos and resources in an easily tag-able and searchable format. Nothing less, and certainly nothing more.

So now I'm slowly switching all my delicious bookmarks over to AO3, as they allow external bookmarks including fanvids (yay!) and they advocate for "works of tranforrmative fiction" and so deserve my support. Besides, I like being able to download in multiple formats. Very handy, that.

Next step, is moving my soundtracks over to 8-track so that the music can be legally downloaded, etc. (I listen to 8-track at work, and I like it.) They're currently downloadable on mediafire, but I'm paying to host these files, and all the pdf and epubs of my stories which are all available to download from AO3.

Once both of these are done, I'll be able to delete both these accounts and delete them from my mind palace. (double-yay!).

Birthday wishes...

Belated birthday goodwill to the talented sophiap, who has just finished posting for this year's spn_reversebang.Go on: check it out!

And early bday wishes for garinarayne who has been awol from LJ for too long.

Hope you both have/had a great day!


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