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Itty bitty pro-writing steps...

I have been asked to work on / rewrite the feature film script for The Wounded!

It's isn't much more than a first draft and a trailer right now, but Matt Campbell (writer/director), is wonderfully enthusiastic and charismatic, so I think there's a good chance that he'll be able to sell it to a producer. Even if it doesn't get produced, it will put my name on a WGA registered script.

Matt sent me a link to his demo reel. There's a few movies mashed together in it, but it gives you an idea of what he likes, which happens to be similar to what I like--action stories grounded in the characters. I was Second Assistant Director on the trailer for The Wounded (fight in flower shop, jump from car to car, 11 year old girl), so I admit to bias...

Don't worry, leaves_girl, I'm finishing yours first. =]
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