Etrix (etrix) wrote,

Question: Publishing vs. Producing

Background:  I live in Canada. As I understand it, we have a moderately flourishing film industry, and a slightly healthier publishing industry since most of our publishers have ties to larger US companies.

Conundrum:  I am halfway through my feature film script that I began as part of my film studies.The locations I see in my brain are the Canadian prairies--the farmlands, forests, and mountains, but it is still an alien world. It is a big budget, epic, hero's tale with space ships crashing, and alien creatures attacking, and alter-tech vehicles and equipment. My instructors estimate a budget $100-200 million.

This will never be filmed as a Canadian movie.

Unfortunately, getting a spec script to the right hands in Hollywood is getting harder and harder unless you are A) Persistent, B) Lucky, C) Connected, and D) All of the above.

Question:  Should I continue writing it as a script and worry about that later? Or should I switch it over to prose and market it as a novel? If the latter option, do I need to set it up to be a trilogy? That seems to be the standard in genre publishing.

To anyone who answers, I will read and think about everything, but I may ignore it all. Just so you know.
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