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School... why'd it have to be school?

School is intense.

They're teaching us a lot more than just writing scripts. I'm doing editing (on a Mac program, so I'm completely lost), It's just an assembly/rough cut but there are so many options.... I get to operate a boom mike (push ups here I come), and do producer duties (organizing locations, obtaining licenses and releases, and managing the finances) while writing one 3-min short, one 7-min short (both of which will be filmed, and at least one of which I'll do the rough editing) and a feature length script.

All of these require loglines, outlines (at least two it seems), then draft and re-drafts

There are six textbooks, and the recommended reading list, plus the peer-review of my co-scriptwriters' stuff. And did I mention the editing? On the Mac? Oh, and we'll be taking an on-set safety course, and getting our WHMIS certification, without which we wouldn't be allowed on a non-student production.

They are very, very serious about producing competent, multi-trained professionals who can work any production job that doesn't require union certification. All I wanted to do was move to Vancouver. And write... and I'm definitely getting to do that.

It's interesting. Exhausting, but interesting. =]
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