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Beta Request: My spn_j2_bigbang

Word Count: approx 115k
Characters: Dean, Sam, John and Bobby. Also, Alistair, Ash, Azazel, Castiel, Damien & Barnes, Ellen, Gabriel, Jake, Jo, Lilith, Meg, Missouri, the Rubys, Tiny and Zachariah. Plus a couple OCs.
Pairings: Dean/Sam, Dean/others (M&F), Sam/others (F), implied John/Jim Murphy
Rating: R [overall]
Warnings: AU/AR, action, BDSM, blood, death, dub-con, explicit, geek-ness, Impala-love, language, M/F, M/F+, M/M, non-con, torture, toys, violence

Type of Beta Requested:

I actually have 2 types of beta needed.

The first is a read-through to catch plot holes, jarring moments/phrases, loss of character voice or any other thing that pulls a reader out of the story. Also, I'm not sure of my chapter breaks: do they help carry the reader to the next chapter or just confuse you?

The second type is to check my translations of phrases and imperatives. I used two online translation programs for each language but they're still mechanical programs and therefore not as good as a real person. The languages I used are:
  • Latin
  • Polish
  • Vietnamese

Due Date: I've already sent in my rough draft so I figure I can give at least 2 weeks for these.

If you're interested, post here in my journal and I'll contact you.

Thanks. =]
Tags: non-fiction, spn, spn:fanfic
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