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SPN: Destinies & Other Choices, Episode 4

Title: Heroism & Other Stupidities (link to master post)
Summary: Fix-it for 5.22, Swan Song. Anansi called their quest ‘How the Trickster Gods Stormed Hell’ and it was possibly the stupidest thing Gabriel had ever done. Well, aside from confronting Lucifer and trusting a bunch of Trickster gods with his life. Anyway, it was all the Winchesters’ fault. Follows Victories & Other Disappointments
Characters: Gabriel, the Trickster Gods, various friends & relations
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters but I had an idea and just had to take them out to play.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings:  Language, irreverence

"This is a really bad idea."
Tags: series:destinies & other choices, spn, spn:fanfic
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